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* Note: entries below where no link is present are links where the website address was not able to be verified at last check, and may be removed at the next update.

6.1 A & A Geoinformatics - Filipino "GIS solutions provider in raster-vector conversion, map digitizing, data acquisition, database creation, digital mapping, customized GIS applications"

6.2's Geography website directory

6.3 ACASIAN - The Australian Centre Of The Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network

6.4 Active - a GIS consultancy in the UK

6.5 ACU's Electronic Resources for Geography

6.6 Aerial Services Inc - GIS and Photogrammetric Mapping firm

6.7 AGIS -A mapping and simple GIS package for Windows.

6.8 Alan's World Map Related Sites

6.9 AM Production's GISVideo Library * not compatible with Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh *

6.10 American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

6.11 Arizona University Earth Picture List

6.12 Association of American Geographers Home Page (AAG)

6.13 AUSLIG - Australia's National Mapping Agency

6.14-6.18 Autodesk sites :

6.19, 6.20 Avenza * requires Javascript * , and their Forums

6.21 Baltimore Metropolitan Council - Mapping for public services and transportation planning in the 5 county region around Baltimore City, and Baltimore City.

6.22, 6.23 Bentley Systems and their Microstation Documentation Page

6.24 Buffalo, University of - Department of Geography

6.25 California Department of Water Resources Statewide Water Planning Homepage

6.26 Caliper Corporation - Home of Maptitude "Desktop Mapping Software"

6.27 CALMIT's listing of GIS & Remote Sensing sites on the Net.

6.28 Caltech GPS:TERRAscope info page

6.29 Cameron Bouchard GIS Resources page - includes links to Arcview scripts and many source of free GIS databases.

6.30 Canvas 9 GIS Mapping Edition - Allows Canvas for the Mac to use data from Geographical Information Systems. Only available for PowerPC Macs, and Macs with Rosetta. Updates are only for Windows.

6.31 Carto Index - a Macintosh Mapping software supporting Freehand and Illustrator.

6.32 Carrier research link for information on obtaining and using postal carrier maps

6.33 Cartagram - custom map designing

6.34 - retailer of numerous Census datasets and digital maps

6.35 CH2M Hill - Environmental GIS consulting

6.36 ChartTiff Geo's -- "Enhanced USGS DRG's (Digital Raster Graphics) Maps by Image Peak Systems"

6.37 Chris Cub Cartography - "Free web maps and Google Earth Layers"

6.38-6.43 City University of New York-Hunter College: Geography department, Map Projections homepage and links page.

6.44 Clary-Meuser Research Network Free GIS tutorial and other GIS resources

6.45 Climate Source - Climate research and data in a variety of GIS data formats, in additional to numerous other GIS data sets.

6.46, 6.47 Comp.infosystems.gis (a.k.a. GIS-L) NNTP Newsreader based link (Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express or third party NNTP newsreader), also available through Google Groups

6.48 Computamaps - "manufactures high resolution 3D digital map databases, primarily for use in wireless network planning."

6.49, 6.50 Viz World Various 3d packages with animations and maps. (Formerly known as Curious Software)

6.51 Cyze & Associates, Ltd. - developer of an environmental, geology and engineering software called Geospatial Explorer

6.52 Dartmouth College Geography department page

6.53 Decision Support Services - a GIS consultancy specializing in providing GIS solutions to businesses.

6.54 Delorme Mapping Home page - Makers of the "Street Atlas USA" on CD-ROM

6.55 The Digital Map Store - "an online resource for affordable but high quality reference maps. ZIP code maps, MSA maps, metro maps, street maps, county maps, state maps, and more. Used by marketers, educators, and other professionals, all PDF maps are available online"

6.56 Dimensioni - India CAD services company specializing in digitizing paper CAD plots.

6.57 Directions Magazine

6.58 Earthwatch's DigitalGlobe

6.59 Edinburgh GIS & Geography links

6.60 Electronic Data Solutions - GIS and GPS consultant with specialization in field data collection methods

6.61 eMapsite - "emapsite is a great resource for online digital mapping, particularly for the UK."

For employment in the GIS field, visit the employment page of this website
6.62 Enterprise Information Solutions

6.63 Environmental Protection Agency's Databases and Software page

6.64 Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) is now Altarum.

6.65 Erdas Home Page

6.66-6.69 ESRI Home Page and User showcase (makers of ArcView and ArcGIS packages)

6.70 Teleatlas (formerly Etak Incorporated)

6.71 Federal Aviation Administration's National Aeronautical Charting Office

6.72 Freeweb's Geography book listing

6.73 Futurity Inc - consultancy analyzing environmental data.

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