Galápagos photos

From August 20th through September 1st, 2003 we took a trip to the Galápagos from Washington DC. Here are the pictures from the various days of the trip. You can click on the map below to go to each day of the trip, or use the listing by date of the various portions of the trip. Feedback links are on each page should you find a species that was misidentified, or on an island that you don't think they should have been on.

An alternative link for the tour destinations may be found on the website of the Reina Silvia, the ship travelled on between the islands. Its itinerary image shows the exact destinations taken on my voyage in the same order. homepage
Day 1 Washington to Quito Day 2 Day in Ecuador Day 3 Flight to Galápagos and trip to Plaza Day 4 Genovesa Day 5 Fernandina and Isabella Day 6 James Bay Day 7 Bartolemew Day 8 Santa Cruz Day 9 Floreana Day 10 Espa–ola Day 11 Santa Cristobal Flight back to Quito Flight back to DC The following are links to dates from my trip photos from August 20th through September 1st 2003: